Community Pharmacists already advise patients on a wide range of minor ailments and either recommend treatment or refer on to another healthcare professional. The NI Minor Ailments Service builds upon this expertise allowing community pharmacists to offer some treatments, if they are considered necessary, free of charge to eligible patients on the health service.   Conditions currently covered by the Minor Ailments Service

Antibiotic Awareness Antibiotic resistance (AMR) is still one of the biggest threats facing us globally and locally which remains as important as ever during the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic. The misuse of antibiotics during COVID-19 pandemic could lead to accelerated emergence and spread of antimicrobial resistance.  To help stop the spread of antibiotic resistance promote simple measures that can make a huge difference such as:

1. Promote good hand hygiene- it’s not just for COVID. Download at:

2. Self-care information and fact sheets are available to download from the self-care forum on COVID 19, cough, common cold, sore throat and otitis media (middle ear infection) amongst others. See for the full range of fact sheets.

3.  Antibiotics should not be used to prevent or treat viral infections, unless bacterial infections are also present. Refer patients to Pharmacy First service if appropriate for winter illnesses.


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