Telephone Triage Information for Patients

Contact reception from 8:30 am Monday to Friday on 02893 353454 or add your Triage information for a call back using the On-Line Patient Facing Services (contact reception to register). Once capacity is reached or by 10.30 Triage then move to an URGENT ONLY service until 5.30pm to ensure safe working practices.

It is important that patients with concerning symptoms continue to access health care, a few examples

Possible cancer symptoms

Chest pain




With the current National Crisis facing General Practice, Meadowbridge Surgery's daily GP Telephone Triage Service allows GPs to prioritise patients based on medical need, ensures patients are dealt with by the most appropriate health care professional and maximises the use of our  appointments system. 

Help Yourself  Most common illnesses can be treated by you. By making positive choices and taking control of minor illnesses, you will increase your confidence which is good for your health and well-being. Your local pharmacist can provide advice and help you manage minor illnesses. See posters attached.   Choose Well Poster  &  Go ahead treat yourself

Doctors ask that patients give clear triage information to admin staff answering telephone calls allowing the designated Triage GP to prioritising patient needs and allocating appointments accordingly.   If you need an appointment in advance rather than on the day, please advise the admin staff who will triage this information.  GPs where possible will try to facilitate requests depending on capacity and appointment availability.   Please be assured that admin & clinical staff all work under strict confidentiality contracts and any breach would be dealt with through practice disciplinary procedures.

A GP appointment is allocated for the consultation of 1 patient issue.  If you have more that 1 issue to address please advise when giving triage information to allow appropriate allocation of appointment time.

We discourage  'walk-in patients'  at reception and advise patients to use the triage system which ensures a shorter waiting times and appointments to be allocated to an appropriate GP/ Health Professional.   Walk in patients will be asked to take a seat in reception while triage information is passed to a GP.   These patients will be asked to wait until an appropriate appointment slot becomes available which may take some time.  

Surgeries may sometimes run late due to unexpected emergency situation which we can only apologise for.  Patients can also do their bit to avoid surgeries running late by adhering to the following points:

  1. Arrive 10 minutes early for your appointment leaving time to park, check in and compensate for the unpredictable.  Like a domino effect, one late patient causes everyone else for that day to run late, including the doctor.
  2. Remove coats etc before your consultation in preparation of general examination or health checks being carried out by the Doctor.
  3. The doctor will have a set time for each consultation.  Be realistic with your expectations as to what the doctor will be able to address.   Each problem requires the proper line of questioning, physical exam and possible tests. Your health is too important to gloss over certain issues.
  4. Provide clear accurate information during your consultation as to the names of medication you are taking and provide logs of blood pressure recordings or blood sugar reading etc. to aid diagnosis and treatment options. 
  5. A little preparation will help keep surgeries running on time.


Keep phones to hand and available to accept call backs remembering that triage is an all day call back service.  - A maximum of 2 return triage calls will be made from the Practice.

Triage Service will provide general advice and information as well as assessment of illnesses needing treatment.

If patients require treatment the doctor may offer an appointment that day or at a later date depending on needs and requirements so please leave as much information for the GP as possible.

Alternatively a prescription may be issued or investigations arranged.

If you see the doctor and need a review appointment at a later date, the doctor may ask a member of the admin team to contact you to make review appointment arrangements.

Giving Triage Information to a member of our admin team - Triage_Information.doc 

Practice Nurses

In a number of cases it might be worth considering an appointment with a practice nurse rather than a doctor. Practice nurses are qualified to deal with many ailments, disease reviews and you may be seen more quickly.

Treatment Room

An appointment system is in place for our treatment room, please contact reception to book.

Urine Samples

If you are leaving a urine sample in the collection box outside the Treatment Room please ensure you leave the following information with the sample: Name:/ Address:/ DOB. & complete the symptoms check list.   Without this information the sample will not be tested.


If you cannot attend an appointment for any reason please inform us as soon as possible in order for us to be able to allocate the slot to someone else.





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