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IMPACTAgewell - You could be supported by a dedicated IMPACTAgewell® Project Officer for up to six months who will talk to you about your general health and wellbeing. Types of support include Befriending, Home Security Checks, Handyperson Services, Energy Efficient Checks, Benefits Advice, Community Transport, Health Condition Support Groups, Luncheon Clubs and Arts & History Clubs.  Click this LINK for more information including referral criteria and speak to reception if you would like to be referred.


NHSCT Stress Control - Free online course   Stress is a normal reaction to the rapidly changing and uncertain times we are all living in at the moment. If you are feeling a bit more stressed than usual and would like to learn some great ways, free-of-charge, to deal with common problems like anxiety, depression, panicky feelings, poor sleep and poor wellbeing then come along to our online Stress Control class

ALCOHOL INFORMATION FOR PATIENTS  - is a useful website for patients supported by the Public Health Agency in Northern Ireland covering topics such as:

Topics:  Know your units / Drinking guidelines / Binge drinking / How alcohol works / About hangovers / Tips for managing your drinking / The effects of alcohol / Women and alcohol / Conception and pregnancy / When not to drink / Drinking myths /  Where to get help

Also included a Unit Calculator and each of the Northern Ireland Drug and Alcohol Coordination Teams has produced a full directory of services available in their area which provide alcohol counseling services (both voluntary and Trust led) which can be downloaded.

Mid & East Antrim Community Snapshota monthly update of local community & voluntary services, organisations and projects available to help support Older People across Ballymena, Carrickfergus & Larne.

Dementia Questions? -  see the link to free on-line information on dementia sessions. They are particularly helpful for carers or family members

Mid & East Antrim Community Snapshot - Welcome to our latest Mid & East Antrim Comunity Snapshot, a monthly update of local community & voluntary services, organisations and projects available to help support Older People across Ballymena, Carrickfergus & Larne.

Health TalksTake advantage of a calendar of health talks, that you can attend from the comfort of your own home, on a range of topics to empower you to get the most out of every day living with arthritis.

Condition Management Programme - short video on support to help you to return to work while managing your own health condition &  Patient information Leaflet.

INTERPRETER NOW  -Deaf sign language users can register and download the free app at: interpreternow to a smartphone/tablet. Or laptops/desktops can be used with no app. Just using web browser  - Poster on the new service 

HARD TO SWALLOW’ campaign launched throughout the month of March.

Dysphagia is often underreported and left undiagnosed causing choking, chest infections, malnutrition and dehydration.   We hope that the campaign will lead to more appropriate support for those suffering from the condition and giving them knowledge to manage the condition safer and better.  Two 'Swallow Awareness' training sessions are planned with input from a Speech & Language Therapist and Dietician specialised in dysphagia. Click the 'campaign' link above for more information. 

To help evaluate this new project please consider taking part in the Hard to Swallow Survey .  The responses you give today will help to understand and improve the support for those with swallowing difficulties in the future.  The survey takes 10 minutes to complete.

Self Help Information Links   All of the helplines listed on this website are continuing to provide information, advice and guidance on a wide-range of health and wellbeing needs.

Apps to help support your Health  offer contact details for Northern Area Services, most of which patients can self-refer to themselves. 

Family Mediation NI offer a range of Services to help avoid the court system

NHS advice on Common Conditions ----  

Similar evidence based information and advice for patients ----  

Chronic Pain advice regarding managing pain ----  

Mental Health - anxiety, low mood etc. ---  

Families / children Support --

Womens aid support and information ---

Support for men who experience relationship breakdown , anger management ---  

Coronavirus links to information ---

Counselling video/telephone consultation available to patients ---  


MENTAL HEALTH AWARENESS   Provides resources for patients including the 5 steps for wellbeing leaflets which have been translated and are available in 11 different languages

HSC Bereavement Network website has been developed to provide information and guidance for those who care for and support dying people and their loved ones around the time of and after death.  It has resources including leaflets for those who have been bereaved as well as information about support services


 Breast Screening  A new video that shows women what to expect when they attend for breast screening has been produced by the Public Health Agency.  It covers the whole process of screening - from receiving the invitation letter to getting the results.  The video is aimed at women who have never attended for breast screening or who have been invited for the first time.  Patient Advice Leaflet: 

Cancer Services  If you have questions about cancer care in Belfast Trust visit the above website for information.  

Macmillan Cancer Support   We would like to inform you about the Macmillan Community Helper Service; a new service providing practical and emotional support for people affected by cancer across the Northern area.

Macmillan have a team of trained volunteers across the Northern area who are ready to visit people affected by cancer at home on a weekly basis for up to 2 hours, and provide help with practical tasks like light housework, ironing and shopping that the individual might be finding difficult due to their cancer or their treatment; or meet them for coffee, go out for a walk together, and be someone to talk to.  The service is available for up to 6 months.  It is open to anyone over the age of 18, and to families who have a child affected by cancer.  Connecting with a Macmillan volunteer can help people affected by cancer regain their self-esteem or self-confidence, be less lonely and isolated, and help integrate them into services, groups and activities in their community.


CHAT CLUB Welcome to our latest Mid & East Antrim Comunity Snapshot, a monthly update of local community & voluntary services, organisations and projects available to help support Older People across Ballymena, Carrickfergus & Larne.

First Connect Service - Age NI

Age NI's First Connect service offers dedicated emotional and practical support at difficult times in an individual’s life; situations which are often triggered by feeling the loss of independence or sudden unexpected changes in important relationships.

Times like these can impact on a person’s sense of control, self confidence or self esteem and quality of life. Through First Connect we are there to support older people and help them make sense of what is happening in their lives and to support them to make choices and access new opportunities and services that they consider best enhances and sustains their wellbeing and independence. We believe this approach will support older people to remain independent in their own homes and communities.  Contact  Sam Cunningham a Northern Area Trust at or on  07971389488

Swallow Aware  Poster  Be safey aware with food and drink.  &  Poster How to help people with swallowing difficulties to keep their mouths clean.

Epilepsy Action NI’s free online / telephone counselling service. This service is for people with epilepsy, their parents or carers. Please click for information on this service.   People can self refer either via  this form or online:

Dental practices in the area can be viewed by accessing the following link:   Urgent dental care centre referral pathways are in place for both registered and unregistered patients after initial triage at a dental practice.


Launch of ‘Phone First’ in the Northern Area - extending to Antrim Hospital Emergency Department / and Mid Ulster Hospital Minor Injuries Unit from 10am 1 December 2020. The Phone First service is designed for patients who are feeling unwell and considering travelling to an ED with an injury or illness which requires urgent treatment but is not immediately life threatening using the following contact information and be directed accordingly:  Phone First Number:    0300 123 1 123  
Interpreter Now app:
Phone First Text Relay Number   18001 0300 123 1 123

NI PEARS is an HSC funded eye care service provided by primary care optometrists for patients who develop an acute (sudden or very recent onset) eye problem.  Please go to 'Files' section above for further information.

Prostate Screening   The PSA test which can give an early indication of prostate cancer is available for all patients who wish to be tested, having arrived at an informed decision to do so. Although there is currently no evidence-base to support a national screening programme in the United Kingdom (UK), there is clear direction relating to patient access to testing.  

Prostate cancer is the most common cancer in men. It is responsible for around 25% of newly diagnosed cases of cancer, and around 12% of cancer deaths. Most cases develop in men aged 65 or older.

Cancer Screening Patient Information Leaflet:

If you would like more information or to make a referral please contact: Alexandra McMeekin, Volunteering Services Manager Macmillan Cancer Support  Email:  Phone: 075 4076 8244

MacMillan also offer a  Support Line on 0800 808 00 00 which is open Monday to Friday, 9am until 8pm. 




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