Pain Management

Better Days Pain Support Programmes: April - June 2022

Chronic Pain Management (Better Days PSP)  to help people with chronic pain to learn other ways to help manage their pain and improve their quality of life, and reduce their reliance on medication. 

Click here to watch a short video about the Better Days PSPs. 

You can also click here to watch a 2 minute patient experience video. 

Findings from recent programmes include (from week 1 to week 12): 

 55% reduction in self-reporting of ‘extreme’ pain, 33% of ‘moderate’ 

 65% reduction in self-reporting of ‘high’ reliance on medication 

 Increase in use of non-pharmacological techniques from 33% to 73%

 The programmes are open for both referral by GPs /healthcare staff, and self referral. 

 Patients must meet the referral criteria below

 Bookings can be made online at or by contacting your local Healthy Living Centre. 

 If dates are unsuitable, patients can be added to our waiting list for future programmes.

To find out more about Better Days PSP click here.

Referral Crieria

1. Living with long-term persistent pain 

2. Age 18+ 

3. Appropriate for Tier 1 & 2 services (see guide/examples below) 

4. Willing to take part in a group programme (online or face to face) 

5. Happy to participate in gentle movement (can be chair based)

Information about changes to medicines or treatments on the Health Service and support available to patients.
Condition Management Programme - short video
Flippin’ Pain - Resources to help people manage their chronic pain. The Flippin Pain™ campaign provides a wealth of resources which aim to increase understanding of chronic pain among both patients and healthcare professionals, and improve the quality of life of those living with pain. These include videos, patient information leaflets, patient stories and podcasts
Virtual self management courses are ever more vital during lockdown. There is a course running weekly from April to June 2021 which patients can self refer to:  Living well online  - Phone the training team on 028 9078 2940 or Email

There is also a 1:1 outreach service for clients who would prefer this option. This is for people with arthritis and/or other long term health conditions and can be accessed by contacting  

Understanding Pain - What you can do about chronic or persistent pain.  Click this link for information.  

Managing your Pain and Managing the Challenge courses are available to people in the WHSCT area.

Painkillers:  The Downside!

Opioids :  A Painful Prescription?

Promoting Self-Care for Chronic Pain

Most patients with Chronic Pain can help ease their condition by adopting some simple self-care techniques.  The Pain toolkit booklet can help them understand their pain and show them some simple but effective techniques to better manage their pain.  The short video about Understanding Chronic Pain is also useful click to view 

HELP WITH PAIN patient information links below.

Active Bodies Booklet

15 Things You Didn't know About Lower Back Pain

Understanding pain and what to do about it.


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