Click the following link for a list of eligible ‘Clinical At Risk Groups’.

There are different Flu Vaccines available to 3 groups of patients: 1)  Children from 2y - under 18 yrs  2) At Risk patients from 6m to under 65 years  & 3) Over 65 years olds.

Priority Group: Chronic Neurological Disease patients including children and young people with any chronic neurological disease and includes Multiple Sclerosis and related conditions and hereditary and degenerative diseases of the central nervous system are invited for vaccination.

Priority Group: Vulnerable children and adults with complex medical healthcare needs such as (but not confined to), those attending special schools for severe learning disability and day care centres are particularly vulnerable to influenza infection are invited for vaccination unless P1-P7 and vaccinated in school.

All pre-school children aged two years or more on the 1 September 2019 (D.O.B range 02/07/15 – 01/09/17) are invited for vaccination.  Appointments can be booked for children by contacting reception or once registered for Patient-Facing-Services can be booked through the appointments section from mid September.  

A live attenuated influenza vaccine (Nasal vaccine) will again be available and is strongly recommended as the vaccine of choice for children aged two years up to less than 18 years in clinical risk groups (except those with contraindications such as immunodeficiency or with severe asthma, active wheezing).

Children under the age of 9 years who are being vaccinated for the first time will NOT require a second dose unless they are in an ta risk group or they require the injected vaccine.

In offering influenza vaccine to people in the clinical risk groups, GPs will take into account the risk of influenza infection exacerbating any other underlying disease that a patient may have as well as the risk of serious illness from influenza itself.

Patients who do not meet the criteria to receive influenza vaccination can obtain private vaccine through many local Pharmacies.

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