Cervical Screening

A new video below shows women what to expect when they attend for cervical screening.  It has been produced by the Public Health Agency and covers the complete screening journey including the invitation, the smear test, laboratory processing, results and attendance for colposcopy. The video is primarily aimed at women attending screening for the first time aged 25, as uptake is lower in this age group. Further accessible versions of the video are in production (ie. signed in British and Irish sign language, subtitled version) and will be uploaded onto the website when available.

It is hoped the video will promote informed choice among women about attending for cervical screening and seek to reassure those who are called for colposcopy.

The video is on the Northern Ireland Cancer Screening Programmes website at the following link:


Please contact reception to arrange a smear appointment with a member of the nursing team.


This link gives information about the appropriate use of ceasing and deferring in the NHS Cervical Screening Programme.

To put your withdrawal request in writing, please complete the Informed Consent for withdrawal from the Cervical Screening Programme - This form should be completed once the helping you decide leaflet has been read and you still wish to withdraw from the programme.  Please consider contacting one of our nurses to discuss your decision and have the risks explained before completing and submitting the above template to us.

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